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The Singers Spot Blog has a new home

The Singers Spot Blog has its own website address now. You can find all of the old posts plus some brand new ones at


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Have you ever been told you shouldn’t sing?

Have you ever been told that you shouldn’t sing? This is probably one of the worst things that anyone can hear. It may have started out innocently enough. Perhaps you were a little loud or slightly off key and someone asked you not to sing or maybe you were a teenage boy going through a voice change and someone asked you not to sing. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances were that surrounded the event, it can have an effect on a person mentally and emotionally for the rest of their life.

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How singing improves your health

This is a great article about the health benefits of singing for people of all ages.

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New warm-up CD is available!

I’ve created a new warm-up CD. It is currently only available for download from my website, but soon will be available through CD Baby and several other online music retailers. It includes a bonus track with information about breath support and other helpful tips to improve your voice. Take a look at the information about the CD and listen to demo tracks here.

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Thinking about a career in music?

If you are thinking about a career in music and would like more information about what careers are available, look no further. The MENC (Music Educators National Conference) has put together a very informative website with lots of information for people looking at having a career in music. It is called Careers in Music. It has 16 different job categories listed along with information about salary, job requirements, training and more. For a more in depth look at music careers, check out Exploring Careers in Music published by MENC.

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What is the widest vocal range

I’ve often been asked what is the biggest vocal range that I have ever heard of. Many singers exxagerate vocal range and claim several octave vocal ranges. So I went to the Guiness Book of World Records to find out.

Georgia Brown is listed as having the widest range for a female voice at eight octaves. It starts at G2 and ends at G10. Here is a recording of her singing in the upper register.

Tim Storms of the USA holds the record for widest range for male voices at 6 octaves. Here is a video about him. He demonstrates how low his voice can go. Which is 8 hz. That is so low that the human ears can’t hear it. If we could hear it, it would be 2 octaves below the last b on the piano. It can only be measured by instruments.

The highest vocal note of C#8 reached by a male was sung by Adam Lopez of Australia.

To put this all in perspective, the average human voice is 2 octaves! So this is quite a bit bigger than the average human voice. In famous voices, Maria Carey is documented as having a five octave vocal range on Wikipedia.

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Learn to sing on vacation

Want to learn to sing Gregorian Chant? Now you can take a trip to Rome, and learn to sing Gregorian Chant from a monks and nuns who made it popular. This tour is offered by Musica Viva a German company that produces tours that allow hobbyists (or professionals for that matter) to focus on their art. It sounds like fun to me!! Anyone game for a little Gregorian Chant?  Check out the article that started this post.

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Now you can take singing lessons online with Amy!

I’ve just recently figured out how to offer singing lessons online and I’m really excited about it. Now you can take singing lessons with me from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a web cam and a microphone and you are in business. These are live lessons in person with me. Not instructional videos. For more information on how to set everything up, click here. For this month only, I am offering a $20.00 discount on your first months tuition if you take lessons online. Simply go to to sign up for lessons online. The first person to register for online lessons will receive a Sing like no one is listening studio T-Shirt!

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More singer jokes from

Vibrato: Used by singers to hide the fact that they are on the wrong pitch.

Q: How many Boy Bands does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: We don’t know – lightbulbs last longer than most Boy Bands!

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How do vocal chords work?

The singing voice is a pretty unusual instrument because it is the only one that you can’t see. Many singers have no idea what vocal chords look like or how they work. Here are some videos that I have found online that demonstrate singing voices doing different things. Enjoy!

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