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Get ideas for your songs

Whether you are singing a song that you wrote or an old standard classical or musical theater piece, you can get lots of ideas for your song by listening to different recordings of your piece (or similar pieces) You can either spend a lot of money purchasing the recordings or you can save a lot of time and money by listening to unlimited recordings

online at sites like

Simply search for a song (if it is one that is not an original work.) and listen to several different recordings. You may find many different interpretations of the original work. For instance, I looked up “Over the Rainbow” on Deezer and found recordings by Jimmy

Hendrix, Ray Charles, Judy Garland and more.
Each was a different take on the original work.


Each song that you listen to will give you ideas for things that you would like to use in your song. Make a list of the things that you like about the performance and things that you don’t like. This can include notes about the sound, style or expression of the performer. This will give you ideas for things to use in your performance. In future practice sessions, you can work to add the things that you like to your performance of the song.


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