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What is the widest vocal range

I’ve often been asked what is the biggest vocal range that I have ever heard of. Many singers exxagerate vocal range and claim several octave vocal ranges. So I went to the Guiness Book of World Records to find out.

Georgia Brown is listed as having the widest range for a female voice at eight octaves. It starts at G2 and ends at G10. Here is a recording of her singing in the upper register.

Tim Storms of the USA holds the record for widest range for male voices at 6 octaves. Here is a video about him. He demonstrates how low his voice can go. Which is 8 hz. That is so low that the human ears can’t hear it. If we could hear it, it would be 2 octaves below the last b on the piano. It can only be measured by instruments.

The highest vocal note of C#8 reached by a male was sung by Adam Lopez of Australia.

To put this all in perspective, the average human voice is 2 octaves! So this is quite a bit bigger than the average human voice. In famous voices, Maria Carey is documented as having a five octave vocal range on Wikipedia.


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